Keeping the Light Alive – NYC Moment #135

New  York City is many things:


I came years ago with an open mind and wearing my heart on my sleeve….if not a bit nieve…the city has taught me to speak up and even sometimes yell when I need to…I wish I didn’t feel I have to though…I’m actually a very gentle soul but I’ve learned that not everyone is kind and sometimes that confounds me…I leave NYC when I feel my heart getting hardened…I try and be my sunshiny and optimistic self but sometimes I get tired…so then I go someplace more gentle…back home to Hawaii…or Skydiving with my friends in Northern California…

I know that each place has its ups and downs…that’s life…forever the optimist, I truly believe in the beauty of people, places and situations…if I remain true to that, then I know I’ll be able to embrace and harness the light, love and laughter this city has to offer…and just smile at the rest…


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