I’m just here to dance: NYC moments #132

October 31, 2009

Life can get really busy and sometime you just need a release.  Some people do drugs, some drink, some watch reruns of Sex & The City.  I dance.  I call it ‘getting my ya-ya’s out’.  In short, dancing is my drug of choice.  It’s been a very busy month since this is when I get all of my holiday card orders out to the retail shops.  And to top it all off, I hadn’t gone dancing in over a week.  Now to some that may not be a big deal.  To me it is.  By hell or high water I was going to go get my ya-ya’s out.  So I arrive at Cielo, my favorite club, and am converged upon by two gentlemen.   I introduced myself as ‘Betty’ (JILLANNE is way too Google-able) and we made small talk.  “I’m going to go dance now”  “Great, we’ll go with you”  “I’m really just here to dance” “You don’t want to talk with me” “I’m really just here to dance”  “We’ll dance with you”  “OK” (as I dance)  “What perfume are you wearing” “I’m just here to dance”  “You have lovely hands.  Want to get a mani/pedi with me sometime…I have a bit of a fetish you know”  “I’m just here to dance”  “Can I have your number” “I’m just here to dance”  Now, through all this, I’ve been having a great time getting my ya-ya’s out…the music was good (though Alex Pearce is still my favorite :).  I feel much happier,  but I still don’t want a mani/pedi date.    I decide it’s time to excuse myself and make friends with the bouncer…  I understand that clubs are a great place to meet people and sometimes I feel like chatting, but tonight, I was just there to dance.

I’ll take exquisite – NYC Moments #131

October 7, 2009

NYC is supposed to be the city that never sleeps so I was a bit taken aback when the place I was planing to eat at informed me that the kitchen had closed at 9pm (it was 9:15pm).  Well ok then.  I’ll just go the the Happy Wok on Delancy and get some Hunan Beef to go instead.  It’s one of these NYC Chinese joints that has great prices and decent food.  I’m just about to leave when a young man who is sitting says ‘Have a good night’.  ‘Thank you, you too’ I reply with a smile.  Then the best part (somewhat because I was super tired and not my usual peppy looking self, but mostly because of late I have been a weirdo magnet), he says ‘You’re exquisite’.  And he was just giving a genuine compliment without some game attached to it (and yes, I’ve heard it all…or at least a lot).  ‘Thank you very much’ I replied with a bit more step to my walk.  It’s so nice to know there are kind, courtious people out there….his Mama raised him right.

Copyright JILLANNE 10/7/09

Moving – NYC Moments #130

August 30, 2009

You know you need to move when the car alarm outside your apartment is going for 15 min straight.  Regularly.  You know you have made that decision when you have to eat cheap chinese because you plopped down a broker fee because that is the only sane way to find a new pad.  You know you are moving when you make a meal out of leftover rice, a can of tuna, frozen veggies and mayo because that is what’s left in the fridge and damn if you’re going to haul it.  You know you are moving when you spend a great sunny NYC weekend day inside packing.  You know you are going to move when you dust off your driver’s license so that you can (gulp) drive the U-Haul through the streets of NYC.  You know you are moving when you make the frantic calls to friends and acquaintances asking if they would help you schlep your stuff.  Sigh.  You know you made a good decision when you are moving to an apartment that is not facing the street and will be luxuriously quiet.  Sleep  after all is good.  Even for a New Yorker 🙂

Exhibitionist Anyone? – NYC Moments #129

August 28, 2009

There are many ways to express yourself.  The driver who almost ran over my toes as I was crossing Houston was expressing himself.  I expressed myself when I hit his car with my umbrella.  He expressed himself when he got out of his car and moved threatening toward me yelling that he was going to call the cops.   I expressed myself when I commanded him to back off and explained (ok yelled) that I had the light and I was a pedestrian.  Later the guy driving a light blue Rave who motioned me to his car  expressed himself when he told me I was beautiful and that he was a bit of an exhibitionist and would I like to go someplace so we could view each other.  I expressed to him that my evening had already been very exciting so I would pass this time. 🙂

Two Drunk Dudes – NYC Moments #128

August 14, 2009

I am so going to get in trouble.  I was listening to music at Rockwood Music Hall and this drunk dude was yelling into his phone while the music guy was playing.  I asked him to keep it down, but being that he was a drunk dude he just screwed up his eyes and could not comprehend what I was trying to convey and proceeded to keep yelling ‘Allen and Houston.  I’m at Allen and Houston.’  I motioned for him to give me the phone which he did (love obedient drunk dudes).  I took it, hung it up and smiled at him.   The second drunk dude was much more helpful and even more drunk.  I was crossing Allen really wishing that I had a couple of bucks so I could buy some gum or mints or something because I was going to grab a drink with a hot guy friend.  Right on the corner this other drunk dude steps out of a cab with a fistful of bill in his hand.  I smile at him and say, ‘Is that for me?’  and he proceeds to give me a two dollar bill.  Damn!  I knew I  should have wished for more.

JILLANNE – copyright 8/14/09

Dreams coming true – NYC Moments #127

July 25, 2009

Dreams can come true.  Wish and it will be.  Fake it till you make it.  Go for it.  Believe in yourself.  Etc. Etc.  You get the picture.  At the stroke of midnight my dreams started to become true.  I was at a call back of sorts for an audition when I was invited by Thomas to join him at The Knife, a bar on 30th Street where he was meeting some friends.  Being that my new mode of transportation is a Xootr it would be easy to get to from 8th and 29th even if I was wearing incredibly high heals.  Off I went and of course I got a few comments, one of which was, “That is so cool!  Want to join our band?”  I laugh and xoot on.  Wait a minute.  I actually always wanted to be in a band and felt like too much of a dork to go up to an existing one and say, “Uhmm.  I really don’t know how to play an instrument and I’m not trained as a singer but I really, really love music and uhhmmm, can I be in your band?”  So I  xoot around back to the corner they are standing on.  Turns out they are a new band called the Get It Ons and they don’t have a base player.  “Uhhm, I used to play the violin when I was a kid.”  “Perfect one replies, you can borrow my base and we can jam tomorrow at 1pm.”  “Great!”  So I have my first band practice.  I’m going to be a rock star Ma!!!  I xoot over to the bar and meet up with Thomas.  Turns out he is a base player and is giving me my first base lesson at 11am.  Hey, isn’t willingness 9/10th of accomplishing something?   I may suck at it or I may not, but I figure if I don’t jump off the cliff I’ll never fly.

I don’t do porn – NYC Moment #126

July 21, 2009

SX8I lied. Number 125 was not my last NYC post. Obviously because here I am again 🙂 .   Some things are worth standing up for and I am definitely one of them. The story: My CPA has a childhood friend out here in the NY area who is a photographer. I am getting back in the business of acting/modeling so the photographer and I agreed to do a trade. I was happy with a lot of the shots he took until he showed me one where I was sitting on on escalator coming down. Unbeknown to me, my legs were in an unbecoming position which would have been fine since I was wearing hose.  Tthe photographer had for some reason and without my permission, Photoshoped a bush in my vagina area.   I informed him that I don’t do porn and made him dump the images in the trash.   He claims it was not in bad taste.  Dude???  People can be such asses.  I don’t care how you get your jollies in your own time and space just don’t include me in it  if I’m not a willing participant.  I’m all for expression, sensuality and living life fully but not with just anybody.  What was it Julia Robert’s character said in ‘Pretty Woman’?  “I get to say when and I get to say with who.”  That just about sums it up for me too 🙂

Lucky # 125 – The Last Post of NYC Moments by JillAnne

July 18, 2009

Today is a day of good-byes and of moving forward.  I am re-entering my old profession as an actor and knowing that I will probably need all of my creative energy for that, I am putting this blog on hiatus.   One hundred and twenty five posts ago I started this blog.  Originally I created it because I wanted to find a way to remind myself that NYC has good points.  I had recently relocated back here from California, and if I do say so myself, I was a bit scared of the reputation that NYC had as being a hard, harsh city.  Many of my post did accomplish my  goal but then there were the others that just told of really strange moments.  Even of the bazaar, I look back now and can laugh.  I hope I made you laugh too.  It’s appropriate that today, My Last Post Day, I was reminded once again that NYC truly is full of good people.  I had just finished an Art Fair a few blocks from my apartment in the East Village (no stalkers please) and I was lugging my ‘stuff’ up the stoop steps.  This gentleman said, “May I help you with that Ma’am?”  I had been wondering how I was going to get the 50lbs box up four flights of my walk up by myself when lo and behold, here is a man calling me Ma’am!  “Yes please”, I replied.  Up he hefted the box on his shoulders and delivered it to my front door. So New Yorkers, there are nice people out there who will do something for nothing.

Wish me luck and many broken legs in my career as an actor.  Heck, maybe I’ll create “NYC Acting Moments” in order to remind myself that acting has good points.



I’m Going To Kiss You – NYC Moments #124

July 12, 2009

It may not be easy being green bit it also isn’t easy being beautiful.   Case in point:  On my way to  Cielo to go dancing I was stopped by this man carrying a Costo size bundle of toilet paper and wearing a hospital patient wrist band.  He told me I was beautiful.  I said thank you.  I’m going to kiss you he responded.  No you are not I reply back as I’m sizing him up in case i need to defend myself.  He reaches into his pocket for his wallet and is thumbing through the money section.    Is he going to try and pay me???  Nope.  Just reaching for a business card.  I tell him I have a boy friend so that we can just nip this in the bud.  Thankfully he leaves…and my bus comes.  I can relate to Kermit but even after the TP guy I will still choose being beautiful :).

Travel Size Saves The Day – NYC Moments #123

July 9, 2009

It was one of those face draining moments:  I was on the F train on my way to a seminar to possibly (if my number was drawn out of the hat) audition in front of an agent and casting director, when I realized I had forgotten to put on deodorant.  Two things you never forget on your way to an interview:  Your resume and deodorant.  Being that I’m a problem solver, I immediately went into salvage the situation mode:  Duane Reade.  Travel Size aka: Purse Size.  Crisis averted.  I get to the SAG office and head straight to the ladies room only to discover that another actress had forgotten to put hers on as well.  I offered to share my now only once used stick, but she declined.  As it turns out, my number was not called to perform, but I was dry and ready to go if I had been one of the lucky ones.

copyright JillAnne

9 July 2009