Lucky # 125 – The Last Post of NYC Moments by JillAnne

Today is a day of good-byes and of moving forward.  I am re-entering my old profession as an actor and knowing that I will probably need all of my creative energy for that, I am putting this blog on hiatus.   One hundred and twenty five posts ago I started this blog.  Originally I created it because I wanted to find a way to remind myself that NYC has good points.  I had recently relocated back here from California, and if I do say so myself, I was a bit scared of the reputation that NYC had as being a hard, harsh city.  Many of my post did accomplish my  goal but then there were the others that just told of really strange moments.  Even of the bazaar, I look back now and can laugh.  I hope I made you laugh too.  It’s appropriate that today, My Last Post Day, I was reminded once again that NYC truly is full of good people.  I had just finished an Art Fair a few blocks from my apartment in the East Village (no stalkers please) and I was lugging my ‘stuff’ up the stoop steps.  This gentleman said, “May I help you with that Ma’am?”  I had been wondering how I was going to get the 50lbs box up four flights of my walk up by myself when lo and behold, here is a man calling me Ma’am!  “Yes please”, I replied.  Up he hefted the box on his shoulders and delivered it to my front door. So New Yorkers, there are nice people out there who will do something for nothing.

Wish me luck and many broken legs in my career as an actor.  Heck, maybe I’ll create “NYC Acting Moments” in order to remind myself that acting has good points.



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